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It all started cooking Sunday lunch for the family in the kitchen with my grandmother when I was about 10. We would pick vegetables and herbs from the garden and I would help peel and chop with gentle music playing in the background. My grandmother was from Northern England so food and family were very important to her. Slowly people would gather and I just loved the sound of talking and laughter coming from the next room. Then came the food and I was always so happy to see the beaming smiles as we presented it.
From there my love of food and the connection, conversation and joy it brought grew. Cooking over the years with my son Jack and wanting to feed him healthy, nutritious food while still being excited about it turned into the idea for Eden Jaxx. The Rudimental was a staple of ours and to us was just a great burger. And no meat. Realising what I put in my body had a direct result on my health and happiness the idea grew:


To co-create a relaxed, hygge space that nurtures energy and atmosphere through the nutritious, delicious home cooked food, comfortable surroundings and music and to enhance the lives of our guests and the enthusiastic, dedicated team involved.